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We are the prodigal!

Dale and Marcus Clapper
Dale Clapper hugging Marcus Clapper
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The Love of a Father and the Journey of His Prodigal Son

In his debut memoir, author Marcus Clapper captivates readers with his salvation story, which eventually leads to his spiritual rebirth. Raised by devout Christian parents, Clapper always knew God was present, but never fully understood His presence for himself; only through the experience of his parents. With limited knowledge of God and seeking a life gratifying to himself, Clapper embarked on his own life’s path only to become enthralled in addiction, crime, and a life without boundaries. Blind to the light and hope within himself, Clapper was broken and ashamed believing his mistakes were unforgivable. Fearful, insecure, and depressed, he never believed love, joy, and peace were possible in his life.

To inform

the world! 

We - the lost and broken - are the “prodigal” sons and daughters from the Bible.  Also, that there is hope in the form of grace, faith and forgiveness. 

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Marcus Clapper
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Our mission is to use my documented prodigal journey as a tool to help everyone understand that; your pain is my pain, and my pain is your pain.   


Hope in the form of grace, faith and forgiveness.

That freedom and healing is available to everyone no matter what your gender, race, age

or nationality. 

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